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Historical Documents
A Bill Establishing a Provision for Teachers of the Christian Religion.htm
A Bill for Amending the Constitution of the College of William and Mary.htm
A Bill for Establishing a Public Library (1779).htm
A Bill for the More General Diffusion of Knowledge (1778).htm
Additional Amendments to the Constitution.htm
Bill of Rights.htm
Constitution for the United States of America.htm
Declaration of Independence.htm
English Bill of Rights.htm
Excerpts from Madison's Detached Memoranda.htm
Index of the Constitution.htm
James Madison's Memorial and Remonstrance.htm
Jefferson on Wall of Separation.htm
Jefferson's Bill for Religious Freedom.htm
John Locke A Letter Concerning Toleration.htm
Jonathan Edwards On the Great Awakening.htm
Roger Williams A Plea for Religious Liberty.htm
The Virginia Act For Establishing Religious Freedom - Religious Freedom Page.htm
Thomas Jefferson on Relgious Freedom.htm
Virginia Bill of Rights.htm

Promoting the Principles of Religious Liberty