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Colonial America, 1607-1783

On Religious Liberty

Puritanism and Predestination - The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Gilbert Tennent

George Whitefield - Lightning Rod of the Great Awakening


The Theology of the United States: An Interpretation of the Great Seal of the United States

Religious Liberty: The View from the Founding

Roger Williams: Champion of Liberty

Guidelines on Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace

Religious Liberty Protection Act: Does the End Justify the Means?

Roger Williams (1603-1683) – First Author and Founder of Rhode Island

Hallowed Ground: Washington's Monuments to Faith, Family and Freedom

Individual Rights and Structural Restraints

Religion and the Commerce Clause

Right to Choose

Secular Nation

The Concept of Separation of Church and State

The Wall

Lieberman Again Claims "No Freedom From Religion" In Notre Dame Address

The Middle Colonies as the Birthplace of American Religious Pluralism

James Madison and Religious Liberty

Original Intent

Religious Liberty: A Heritage at Stake

The Threat

A Wall to Protect, or Imprison?

Morality is Essential to Democracy  

If Religious Liberty Is To Survive, America's Pulpits Must Awaken!

Law Center Responds to Federal Appellate Courts Decision to Remove Ten Commandments from the Alabama Supreme Court

Senators Press for Changes to Patriot Act

Ten Commandment Challenges Spread Disputes Have Arisen in 14 states, Many Rulings Go Against the Displays.

Academic Freedom and the Rights of Religious Faculty John Whitehead

House Refuses to Curb Patriot Act

Freedom of Religion

The True Meaning of the First Amendment

First Amendment Goes "Too Far," Say Students in Survey

First Amendment No Big Deal, Students Say

Founding Fathers Didn't Ban Christian-Themed Calendars

Survey Finds First Amendment Is Being Left Behind in America's High Schools

The Future Looks Bleak for the First Amendment

Supreme Courts Review of Ten Commandments Cases – An opportunity for Education on Religious Liberty


Promoting the Principles of Religious Liberty