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A Republic If You Can Keep It
The Making of the U. S. Constitution

     Liberty Park, USA™ Foundation is happy to make available to educators, schools and the general public DVD copies of A Republic If You Can Keep It: The Making of the U. S. Constitution. The DVD is a 44 minute docu-drama which recounts the events leading to the Federal Convention of 1787 which met in Philadelphia to draft the U. S. Constitution.


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     On September 17, 1787 the Constitution was signed after months of debate. As Benjamin Franklin left Independence Hall he was met by an elderly lady who asked, “What kind of government did you give us.?” He replied, “A Republic – If you can keep it.”

      This classic remark is the theme of the 44 minute documentary and dramatic recreation (two  22 minutes segments for classroom use) on the Constitutional Convention of 1787. Twenty-nine actors portray such leading statesmen as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and James Wilson.

          The set, a 40 x 40 replica of the convention meeting room in Independence Hall, was created especially for this production.

      The convention’s emotionally-charged debates are captured on film as actors deliver the identical orations and speeches given over 200 years ago.

      Former Senator Dennis DeConcini (D-Arizona) and Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), two of the nation’s  most respected constitutional lawyers, are the narrators of the documentary. The senators were filmed on location at Montpelier, Mount Vernon, Annapolis, Philadelphia and Washington, D. C., discussing important events leading to the Convention and providing contemporary insights.

      The film was endorsed by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the U. S. Constitution in Washington, D. C. for its authenticity and educational value. Major funding for the film was provided by Mobil Corporation and the Martin Marietta Corporation.

      Former Chief Justice of the United States Supreme court, Warren E. Burger,  stated that, “A Republic If You Can Keep It is an excellent documentary on the Constitution. It is both entertaining and informative. I hope it will be shown in every history and civics classroom in America.”

      Professor A. E. Dick Howard, Professor of Law at the University of Virginia and Chairman of the Virginia Bicentennial Commission said concerning the film, “The intense debates which led to the drafting of our remarkable Constitution are recreated here in dramatic and enlightening fashion. This is one Bicentennial film that students will enjoy and remember.”

      Now you can bring the framers of the Constitution into you classroom and home. Obtain your copy of A Republic If You Can Keep It by returning the form below along with your check.

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A Republic If You Can Keep It

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