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"The Trail of Tears"
Painting by Robert Lindneux in the Woolaroc Museum, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Used with permission.

The Trail of Tears Index:
The Trail of Tears State Park Homepage
  The Trail of Tears in the Southeast Missouri Region
  The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
  The Trail of Tears Timeline 1838-1839
  Statistics of the 13 Parties Leaving Under Their Own Supervision
  Retracing The Trail of Tears
  Camping Along the Trail - A Slave Story - A first hand account of what a Cherokee trail camp site looked like and how they were set up each evening and operated for each lodge.
  "Grandpa was an Indian Chief" - Article about descendants of a Cherokee Chief.
  Princess Otahki Grave Site - Dedication of a memorial to all Cherokee lost on the "Trail of Tears."
  Eliza Missouri Bushyhead - Born January 3, 1839, to trail leader Reverend Jessie Bushyhead, in what is now the Trail of Tears State Park "Tahlequah's Most Distinguished Citizen."
  Turtle Island - A map of North America and where the Native Americans lived in 1500 AD.
  History of Cherokee People & The Trail of Tears - History of the Cherokee people, there life happenings, housing,  food, laws, clothing, legends, elders, eagle feathers, and much more.
Stories Along The Trail of Tears - Stories of life and happenings along the "Trail of Tears."
Cherokee Dress Clothing - These items may be ordered.  See ordering information page.
Black Dutch - Black Irish - "So you were told you were Black Dutch or Black Irish".
Black Indians - African American Ancestors Among the Five Civilized Tribes.
The Cherokee Rose - Symbol of pain and suffering along the "Trail Where They Cried."
"Princess Otahki" - A young Cherokee maiden who died along the "Trail of Tears" in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.
"Priscilla" - The story of a young Cherokee slave girl who loved hollyhocks and how she found a home in Southern Illinois, along the "Trail of Tears."
"Andrew Jackson was my Great-Grandfather" - The story of a young college student who had to give something back to the Cherokee people ."
"Jenny" - A letter from a Cherokee girl to a dear friend about the impending forced removal from her Cherokee homeland."
"Spirit of His Fathers" - A poem by Deborah V. Norton ©Copyright 2004
"The Lament of the Cherokee" - A poem by John Howard Payne, author of Home, Sweet Home.
Cherokee Dress - These items may be ordered.  See ordering information page.
Indian Cookin'  - Lots of Indian food recipes.
Indian Cookin' Two - More Indian food recipes.
The Legend of the Cedar Tree - "A long time ago, when the Cherokee people were new upon the earth..." as told by Jim Fox.
Cherokee Moons Calendar - January Cold Moon Unalvtani, February Bony Moon Kagali, etc.
Eagle Feathers - Eagle Feathers and the Path of Good Medicine.
Elders, Spiritual Leaders and Medicine Men - Issues related to Elders, spiritual leaders and medicine men.
Pow-Wow Protocol - Who's Who at a Pow-Wow?  How should I behave at a pow-wow?
The Legend of the Cherokee Rose - From that day forward, a beautiful new flower, a rose, grew wherever a mother's tear fell to the ground.
Eagle Feathers Lessons L- The Lesson of the Eagle.
The Story of Chief Bowles - Born in North Carolina about 1756, he was an auburn haired, blue eyed, half blood Scotch Cherokee.
Tiana Rogers - Daughter of Captain John Rogers and wife of Sam Huston.
ative Americans in Mississippi County, Missouri USA - When De Soto came to the southeast Missouri area he found living within it's borders at least three tribes of Indians.
Bloomfield, Missouri - Once an Indian Camp.... Now a Good Place to Live, Work and Play.
The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory - A Lesson in Cherokee History.
The Bureau of Caucasian Affairs - Author A. Little Humor.
rail of Tears Thru Southeast Missouri - River Crossing and Stories of Their Travels in the Southeast Region of Missouri.
The Sam Hildebrand Story - Guerrilla Bands in Bollinger and Ste. Francois Counties of Missouri "The Sam Hildebrand Story".
Cherokee Pride - Links to Cherokee related web sites - Links to Cherokee.
Cherokee Pride Store - Store & Gift Shop - Cherokee and Indian online store.
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Painting by Robert Lindneux in the Woolaroc Museum, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  Used with permission.

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